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Genealogic Research


To begin a genealogic research, star gathering data of your own family, organizing papers, documents and photographies, like: familiary Bibles; birth, marriage and death certificate; letters exchanged by family people; testaments or inventories copies; property registers; fimilary stories, told at the table; military documents; school notepads and report cards; passports or safe conducts; old books and photographies.

The research relative to oral stories of members of the family and relatives is very important, by that, star from the olders to do not lose this information font. Register the speaks in a recorder. Make questions about the things of "his times", like the following ones:


  • Which schools have you frequented? What did you do in your school vacation when you was a child? To where the family goes? 
  • Who did your visited? Where did they lived? The house still existing? Did you have photographies? 
  • Did you remeber your remember some of your relative's names? 
  • Did they spoke about their fathers or mothers? From where did they came? How? Where did they were buried? 
  • Which are your father and mother's job? From where did they get support? 
  • Is there a child that has born out of the marriage? Did they have adoptive sons? 
  • Did they spoke any foreign language? Did they tell histories about other countries? 
  • Did they have nicknames that they like to use between themselves, that could indicate from where did they came? 
  • Which was the church that the family was linked to? 
  • Is there a military one? He went to the army? Fight in any war? 
  • Did they belongs to any organization, entity or club? Get any office there? 
  • What did you remember about my father and mother, before I had Born, when they was young?


To gather the data by family use the Family card. Gather this cards and organize the Genealogic treer in which you will be the person number one. It's important that joined to the data of each person be noted the information font. To do that, is convenient to create a list os the used fonts, with the respective codification.

With the research, during the tempo, you will have a lot of papers, that, without na adequated organization, the work will turn difficult, it's suggested that you use files, with different subjects, like, for example:


  • Family cards and genealogic tree 
  • Letters registries 
  • Photographies 
  • Docs 
  • Research registries

Kind of register, localization and informations avaible to genealogic researches

Kind of register

Where could be find

Informations that could hás

Old newspapers Public library or the Office from the local Newspaper Death news, social news, incoming ships (in the case of harbour), marriages, etc.
Graveyard registers Graveyards, church secretariat, metropolitan courts Death date, place and date of birth; death cause.
Schoolary register Schools and Secretariat of Education Adresses, birth dates, graduation date, names of the schools where the person studied before, school grades.
Municipal district history Public libraries, Bookstores, Old books Family histories, names of the members of the family involved on the govern and on the municipal history.
Registros de Imóveis e Impostos Registros de Imóveis, Prefeitura Municipal, Arquivo Municipal Terras registradas no nome dos antepassados
Telephone book Public libraries, Telephonic company, Internet Names and adresses of the family, comercial adresses to help to locate property registers and taxes.
Street names Common Council registers Short report about the ancestor.
Geographic Maps of the city and of the municipal district Property registers, City Hall, Public Archive, Local Genealogic Society  and Historical Institutes Name of the land lot owners in the city.
Church registers Churches and Local Genealogic Society Birth date, marriage and death registers, and others, before the Notary’s Office existence.
Police Occurrence Registers Fórum, Judicial Archive, Police Departments Names, adresses, birthdays and other details of the laws offender. 
Military registers and “Shot of War" Local Police Department, Regional Headquarters, Military Archives, Local Genealogic Society, Pulbic and historical archives.  Names of the people that serve on the local police, made studies that substitute the military service, serve on the armored forces.

The genealogic data organization could be facilitated, if you have a computer, with the use of specially developed softwares to this ends. More informations about genealogic softwares could be obtained on the web page or

The main genealogic programs are:

PAF 4.0

The program Personal Ancestral File, with portuguese version, developed by the mormons, is very used and very flexible. To the families associated to CAPEF the program is supplied for free. Other option is the open software Legacy in english that could be downloaded on:

Family Tree Maker

Could be get on:

Family Origins

Avaible to buy on:

Family Tree


Avaible to buy on:




To obtain more info sign-up to CAPEF and participate in the monthly reunions of the entity talking with the researchers of the many associated families. 

Set a date to visit CAPEF by the phone (0xx51) 3762 6022 with Marlene Mirca Lopes da Silva. We have data about marriages, birthdates and deaths of the evangelic communities from São Leopoldo, Dois Irmãos, Picada Café, Ivoti, Lindolfo Collor, Estância Velha and Teutônia (Linha Frank).






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